Friday, December 11, 2015


Chasing Forgiveness
Neal Schusterman's UNWIND series is one of my favorites.  It still gives me chills when I think of it.  Winning this year's National Book Award has some of his older titles reappearing on bookstore shelves.  CHASING FORGIVENESS is one I hadn't read until now.

Preston Scott's father is getting out of prison.  Preston's life changed forever when he was twelve years old when his father killed his mother.  Surprisingly, everyone seems to be able to forgive Preston's father so Preston tries to do the same.

Living with his maternal parents may seem strange, but they insist it's the only place for Preston as he awaits his father's release.  They are protective and hesitant when their daughter's killer returns and once again becomes involved in his family's world.  Preston believes his father is determined to make things right again, but he still isn't sure he can offer his full forgiveness.

Schusterman captures the raw emotion surrounding a family torn apart by a horrific event and what it takes to mend what was torn apart.  Although the focus is entirely different than the dystopian world of UNWIND, Schusterman's storytelling is sure to hold reader attention and leave a lasting impression.  I am eager to read his National Book Award winner CHALLENGER DEEP.

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