Sunday, December 27, 2015


Trouble Is a Friend of Mine
A teenage girl is kidnapped years after another little girl disappeared in the same town.  The circumstances are different, but Philip Digby is determined to get to the bottom of both cases.

Digby and Zoe, a new girl in town, form a strange crime fighting duo in TROUBLE IS A FRIEND OF MINE.  The relationship between Zoe and Digby is a complicated one.  Most observers listening to the taunts between the two would never imagine the they consider each other friends, and at times, even Zoe finds herself wondering the same thing.

When Zoe learns that Digby's little sister was a kidnap victim years ago, she begins to understand his obsession with locating the latest missing girl, Marina  However, Marina's disappearance from the home of her wealthy family doesn't seem to fit the same crime scenario.  Despite the seemingly unrelated nature of the two events, Digby uses his cunning yet odd mind to solve the mysteries with the  reluctant help of Zoe and an assortment of other acquaintances.

Thanks to a neighbor who won a copy of Stephanie Tromly's TROUBLE IS A FRIEND OF MINE on Goodreads, I was able to enjoy this mad-cap mystery adventure.  Witty dialogue, dicey ideas, and non-stop action make this a fast-paced read.  I'm looking forward to sharing this with some teen readers.

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