Tuesday, December 15, 2015

HER COLD REVENGE by Erin Johnson

Her Cold Revenge
Grace Milton watched the massacre of her family and she swore revenge.  Finding the killers is proving to be more difficult than she anticipated.  Part of that difficulty comes from the fact that she is a woman, and the world of law enforcement and bounty hunting in the Wild West doesn't welcome women.

As she waits for the Guiltless Gang to surface, she has to make a living so she fights for every chance she gets to bring in petty criminals and claim the rewards.  Slowly, she is gaining respect from some of her competitors, but it isn't going to be easy to convince everyone that she deserves to a place with the other bounty hunters.

Another complication is facing her feelings for Joe who helped her survive and convinced the Ndeh tribe to take her in when she needed it most.  Reuniting with Joe has Grace questioning the emotional and physical attraction that draws her to him and leaves her worried that getting too close to him might make her too soft to carry through with her revenge. 

Grace also feels the need to champion the cause of the other women trying to survive in the tough world of the West.  Widows and children and her dear friend from the Ndeh tribe are depending on her.  Despite the distractions, Grace clings to her desire to honor her family's memory.

HER COLD REVENGE by Erin Johnson is the second book in the Wanted series.  Intense action, hardened criminals, and romance all combine to grab readers and keep them wanting more.  Book #3 is due for release in August of 2016.

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