Thursday, December 24, 2015

EXIT POINT by Laura Langston

Exit Point
I was able to read EXIT POINT thanks to a student who shared his copy with me. 

Logan is dead, although he isn't really sure at first.  When he opens his eyes, he is surrounded by gray robed figures and swirling colors.  He is being told that he was supposed to take Exit Point 5 but evidently took the easy way out at Exit Point 2.  Exit Point 5 would have meant extending his life until 2066, however, his early departure ended things for him in 2004.  Well, that's a bummer.

When he is visited by Gran, Logan realizes that he is indeed dead, but if this is heaven, things are definitely not what he expected.  Gran and his personal guide to the afterlife, a guy named Wade, are quick to inform him that he has a mission to accomplish before he can completely cross over.  His job is to save his sister Amy from a rat bastard and his plans to sexually abuse the nine year old.  Unfortunately, it may be tricky since the rat bastard is none other than Logan's uncle Herb.

What follows for Logan is a crash course in learning how to make contact with the living.  It is not as easy as one would think, but he knows Amy's safety depends on his ability to learn quickly. 

Author Laura Langston takes readers on a fascinating adventure into the afterlife.  Logan's ability to make contact with his loved ones will have readers thinking carefully about unexplained sensations and random memories they may experience involving their own lost loved ones.  I will be thanking my student for generously sharing this quick read with me.

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