Saturday, December 18, 2010

BABY BLUE by Michelle D. Kwasney

Life wasn't perfect for Blue's family, but she and her sister Star always knew Ma and Pa loved them.  Pa might gamble a bit too much which sometimes left him arguing with Ma about the family finances, but they were all still a family.  But then Pa had to go and get himself drowned in the river.

Blue will never forget that day because she feels like she's to blame.  If she hadn't wanted to go on that picnic so much, maybe Pa would still be alive, Ma wouldn't be married to Lyle, and Star would not have run away.  That's a lot of guilt for one young girl to carry. 

The problem now is with Ma and Lyle.  He may have treated Ma nicely at the beginning, but now their frequent arguments turn into ugly bruises on Ma's face and body.  That's why Star ran away.  She couldn't stand to see their mother's pain.  Now Blue is alone as she tries to protect Ma.  Every day she hopes the phone will ring and Star will be there telling Blue she's on her way home.

In BABY BLUE author Michelle D. Kwasney paints an all too realistic picture of domestic violence and the emotional devastation it leaves behind.  She reveals the hidden guilt felt by all those involved in the heart wrenching situation.  Readers will immediately fall in love with Blue and admire her courageous determination to stand by her mother to the end.  A big thank you to Michelle for sending me a copy to read and review and then share with my students.

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