Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Looking for a fast and fantastically funny read?  Look no farther than THE FAST AND THE FURRIEST by Andy Behrens.  I'm so glad we had a snow day today so I could sit and enjoy this one uninterrupted.

Kevin Pugh might be the son of a former Chicago Bears' football player and the brother of a sister born to play soccer, but that doesn't mean Kevin is a sports fan.  He is most definitely NOT!

Kevin's idea of a fun-filled afternoon involves sitting on the plaid couch in the basement with plenty of cheesy snacks in one hand and a video game controller in the other.  Anytime Kevin has been roped into any sporting activity something embarrassing and painful has been the result.  It seems like his constant humiliation should convince his parents that sports are not his cup of tea, but every chance they get, they are signing him up for some kind of team or camp.  They just don't understand how their son could enjoy spending so much time loafing on the couch next to the family's even lazier dog, Cromwell.

All that was true until the day Kevin was watching Animal Planet and a show about agility contests for dogs.  Imagine his surprise when the fat beagle mix lounging next to him leaped off the couch and began running his own crazy agility course through the basement rec room. 

After that first amazing burst of activity, the family dog turns into an exercise hound.  With the financial help of his friend Zach, Kevin secretly enrolls Cromwell in a training program at a place called Paw Patch and their lives begin to change. 

Author Andy Behrens uses fast-paced action and laugh-out-loud humor to capture readers in THE FAST AND THE FURRIEST.  Anyone who loves dogs or has experienced a love/hate relationship with sports will relate to Kevin's chaotic adventure.  This one is has great read-aloud potential for middle grade audiences.

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