Sunday, December 12, 2010

GIRL V. BOY by Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout

When Principal Alvarez announces the city-wide contest to see which school can earn the most money for literacy, the student body of Dunfield High groans.  However, when she adds that if their school wins she will dismiss two weeks early for the holiday vacation, everyone takes a moment to reconsider.

When Luisa hears the contest will be girls v. boys, she isn't particularly excited.  School is not her favorite place.  After witnessing her older sister become a dropout and a teenage mom, Luisa realizes she needs to stay in school, but that doesn't mean she has to like it. 

Much to her surprise as she leaves her English class, the teacher asks her to stay a moment after class.  He reminds her that he is in charge of the school newspaper, and being impressed with a recent writing assignment she turned in, he has a proposal to make.  He would like Luisa to report on the girls' side of the upcoming competition.  The catch is that she will report anonymously, and a male student will do the same for the guys' side of the contest. 

When Luisa tries to tell her mother about this exciting new assignment, she is too busy getting ready for work to pay much attention.  Luisa's sister Grace only stops long enough to heckle Luisa and point out that it's a dumb idea and a waste of time.  Despite their less than enthusiastic response, Luisa decides to give the challenge her best effort.

Luisa begins attending more high school sponsored events than she ever has before.  She writes up her articles and enjoys seeing them in print, but each time her anonymous partner's articles appear in the paper, she gets more and more curious about his identity.  She and her friends have some ideas, but finding out is more difficult than anyone would have expected.

Authors Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout take the age-old competition of girl v. boy to a new level.  Constant action and non-stop guessing will keep readers glued to the story right to the end.  GIRL V. BOY captures high school drama at its best.

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