Saturday, December 11, 2010


Fans of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY will want to check out Wendy Mass's THE CANDYMAKERS, and if nothing else, the colorful cover is sure to attract interested readers.

LIFE IS SWEET Candy Company is hosting a candy-making contest.  Four contestants will be trying to create the winning candy recipe for Region Three.  They are to report to the candy company two days before the contest for a whirlwind tour and a chance to get acquainted with the equipment they will be using for the contest.

The four contestants include Daisy, Philip, Miles, and Logan.  Each one has a very personal reason for wanting to be involved in the contest; reasons that don't necessarily include wanting to win.  Their motivations include revenge, a secret spy mission, and the desire to make candy-making parents proud. 

Each contestant presents their story to the reader.  They may all be at the same location and subject to the same contest rules, but each has a unique twist to their personal story filling THE CANDYMAKERS with plenty of surprises.  Author Wendy Mass once again proves she is a master storyteller.

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Ms. Yingling said...

I have been waiting for this one. I don't always like Mass's work, but this one looks too interesting to pass up.