Sunday, December 19, 2010

THE BOXER AND THE SPY by Robert B. Parker

The authorities are ruling Jason Green's death a suicide due to steroid use.  That just doesn't add up for Terry and his best friend Abby.  Jason wasn't a jock so why would he take steroids, and the only reason he would have for committing suicide was that he might be gay, but who really cares about that nowadays.

Terry and Abby decide to investigate.  When they notice other strange things going on that involve their high school principal and a powerful member of the town council who also happens to be running for governor, they start putting the pieces together.  Those pieces start forming a very suspicious picture.

Combine Terry's boxing training that helps give him focus, and Abby's keen organizational skills and great people contacts, and you have an excellent team.  They may only be fifteen years old, but their determination to find justice for Jason makes for a pretty interesting story.

Robert B. Parker's vast experience as a mystery writer gives THE BOXER AND THE SPY the perfect mix of action and intrigue for teen readers.  His trademark short chapters keep the plot moving quickly, and the added bonus of the boxing angle makes it a good book for guys.  Parker has also written EDENVILLE OWLS which targets a teen audience.

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