Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FRAMED by Gordon Korman

How do you prove yourself innocent of a crime when you are only in middle school and everyone in authority thinks you are guilty?  That's the problem Griffin Bing is battling.  Yes, he has had his problems lately, but this time he is totally guilt-free.  Really!

All Griffin wants to do is find his missing retainer before his parents discover he has lost it yet again.  When the missing retainer shows up in the trophy case where the school's pride and joy, a famous Super Bowl ring, usual sits, fingers point immediately in Griffin's direction. 

True, he has recently been connected to the theft of a valuable baseball card and a crime at the local zoo, but that doesn't mean he is involved this time.  Unfortunately, that's not how the principal and a very annoyed police detective see things.  Before Griffin knows it, he is attending a new school especially for young delinquents and he's also under house arrest.  Both make it very difficult for him to find a way to prove his innocence.  With his amazing ability to think of a plan and with the help of several loyal friends, Griffin may be able to figure out who has framed him. 

Author Gordon Korman uses his trademark humor and passion for crazy schemes to create another great middle grade adventure.  Readers will love the quirky characters and nonstop antics as Griffin attempts to convince the adults that someone is trying to ruin his reputation.  FRAMED is the third Griffin Bing adventure.  Be sure to check out SWINDLE and ZOOBREAK, too.

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