Wednesday, April 13, 2011


BATTLE DRESS takes readers to West Point with new cadet Andi Davis.  Andi is sure this is the place for her, but surviving New Cadet Basic Training will be a true test of her both physically and mentally.

Andi is leaving her home near Chicago without much support from her family.  Yes, they are all in the car as they travel the 1,000 miles to her new home for the next four years, but they are sure she will not last at West Point.  Andi's tumultuous home life is one of the main reasons she is willing to accept the challenge at the military academy.  With a crazy, unpredictable mother and an emotionally absent father, Andi knows she is not going to miss them.  Hopefully, her classmates will become her new family.

As one of only two girls in her platoon, Andi is determined to prove she deserves her spot among the men.  She excels in running and quickly impresses both cadets and officers.  She pushes herself and rises to every challenge directed her way.  A sometimes tense friendship develops with her roommate Gabrielle.  Very much the opposite of Gab, Andi still finds her fellow female cadet a source of inspiration and support.

Author Amy Efaw tells a powerful story that allows readers to experience the rigorous conditions of basic training at West Point.  It is very clear that cadets who survive the months of training preceding the start of their college experience are the best of the best and exemplify what we would want from future leaders of our country.  Efaw fans familiar with her other novel AFTER will find this one much different yet still a very worthwhile read.

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