Friday, April 22, 2011

MASKED by Norah McClintock

The actions in a convenience store one afternoon change the lives of a small cast of characters.  MASKED may be just over 100 pages, but the plot still takes many exciting twists and turns.

Daniel's real reason for stopping by has nothing to do with the beverages, snack, and wrestling magazines that he places on the check-out counter.  He is out to retrieve information for another businessman interested in obtaining the property where the convenience store is located.  His request to use the restroom is just an excuse to get a peek at the company files.

As Daniel begins his undercover work, he hears the store owner call upstairs to someone named Rosie.  Assuming that someone is the owner's wife, Daniel is surprised to see it is actually a girl his age and he realizes that he knows her.

Rosie reluctantly enters through the backroom and seems irritated to have been called on to perform some petty task by her store-owner father.  She has her own agenda which involves the young man waiting impatiently upstairs.  She was hoping not to have to deal with any store business ever again after today.

When a masked man holding a gun enters the picture, everyone is taken completely by surprise.  He seems serious but not particularly competent in his role as criminal.  Gathering all the available cash doesn't seem to be his main motivation.

Readers are in for some surprises as all the plot threads are pulled together.  MASKED is loaded with the unexpected making it a good book for teens and especially reluctant readers. 

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