Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Baseball at its best, the World Series, the Little League World Series that is.  Josh LeBlanc and his friends have a chance to make it to the big time.  It is the goal Josh and his dad have been dreaming of since Josh was old enough to grip a baseball.

As exciting as the thought of playing with the best of the best from around the world seems, there is a dark cloud over Josh's field of dreams.  His parents are probably going to be divorcing soon.  His father recently won a coaching contract with Nike and along with it a new girl friend.  While looking for a new house, Josh's dad met an attractive realtor named Diane Cross.  Now Josh is trying to play his best on the baseball diamond, while at the same time he is watching his mother's life crumble.

To make matters worse, the new girl friend comes complete with an annoying kid named Zamboni, and he also plays on the Josh's team.  How is he supposed to concentrate on the game, be there to support his mother, and keep a smile on his face for his father?

Author Tim Green once again takes readers on a baseball adventure with non-stop game action on the field and intrigue off the field.  Even readers without an interest in baseball will find this a satisfying read.

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