Sunday, April 3, 2011

YES, SHE CAN by Glenn Stout

Author Glenn Stout's latest book titled YES, SHE CAN features five female athletes who have paved the way for girls interested in the world of sports.

The five record-breaking females are swimmer Trudy Ederle, track stars Louise Stokes and Tidye Pickett, jockey Julie Krone, and Indy car racer Danica Patrick.

Trudy Ederle learned to swim at an early age and only truly felt at home while swimming and floating in sea water.  Encouraged by family, friends, and coaches, she challenged herself to be the first female to swim the English Channel.  After one failed attempt, she succeeded and even broke the record set by an earlier male swimmer.

In the 1930's two female track runners broke the racial barriers in their sport.  Louise Stokes from Massachusetts and Tidye Pickett of Chicago became well-known in the sport of track and field and went on to qualify for two Olympic teams.  They faced hard times and unexplained prejudice, but their courage and determination to compete just like everyone else made them instrumental in opening track to not only women but more importantly, African-American women.

Julie Krone was two years old when she rode her first horse and just a teen when she announced that she was going to be a woman jockey.  With the support of her mother, Julie searched until she found a job at a race track.  Her hard work and toughness helped her prove to trainers and owners that she could compete with the best male jockeys and win.

Finally, Danica Patrick represents women in the sport of Indy car racing.  YES, SHE CAN tells of her first scary ride in a go-cart and how even a crash that threw her from the cart didn't stop her from getting behind the wheel to race again.  Many called her too pretty to race and claimed that her actress good looks are what actually made her popular, but Patrick's performance on the race track tells a different story.

YES, SHE CAN is the second book in a new series, Good Sports, by Glenn Stout.  He specializes in sports biographies for both kids and adults.  Sports fans of all ages are sure to enjoy reading about these pioneers in sports history.  Coming next in the series is SOLDIER ATHLETES.

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