Saturday, April 30, 2011


Rene Fowler is living "a scary scene in a scary movie."  He is afraid to step on a crack, he smells his left hand when he gets nervous, he must wash his body parts in the right order, he can't move when the time adds up to thirteen, and there's more.  According to Rene, if any of these rules are not followed, life will be like "a scary scene in a scary movie" - horrible things will happen.

Life has always been challenge for Rene.  When he was younger his odd behavior may have been considered cute, but now that he is fourteen and still inclined to wear his superman cape, he is viewed as weird.  He has no friends and fitting in now in high school is his latest challenge.  He recognizes the cliques that surround him - the Cutters, the Smartypants kids, the Devilblackcoats, and the Bigbulletholes with their over-sizes piercings, and he knows there is not group that will accept him.

When Rene realizes Gio is making overtures of friendship, he is thrilled but also fearful that something will happen to ruin everything.  Between his favorite teacher, Mr. Head, and this budding friendship with Gio, Rene things maybe life has turned around for him.  Unfortunately, Phil, his ex-dad, shows up out of nowhere and things get complicated again.

Now that Phil is back, Rene fears that his mother is planning to reunite them as a family.  Phil has been gone for years, and his emotionally abusive treatment is something Rene has not missed.  Is it possible that having a new friend has given him the strength he needs to stand up to Phil?  Has his odd relationship with Mr. Head given him the courage to stand his ground?  Time will tell.

Debut author Matt Blackstone reveals a true talent for creating quirky characters and using humor to tell the story of Rene's battle against OCD and the turmoil of his dysfunctional family.  Teen readers will easily relate to Rene's struggles and to the rest of the this colorful cast of characters.  Blackstone is an author worth watching.   

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Thanks so much!!! So glad you enjoyed it!!!