Friday, April 8, 2011

HOME INVASION by Monique Polak

Police are working diligently to catch the person guilty of numerous home invasions in Josh's city.  There have been a rash of break-ins made all the more frightening because the victims are in their homes at the time of the break-ins. 

Josh's mother will be gone on a weeklong business trip which means Josh will be spending the time alone with his step-father.  His mother hopes the time will give the two a chance to bond, but Josh knows that's not going to happen.

Supposedly, Clay is a painter who works at home.  As far as Josh can determine, Clay spends more time watching TV and drinking beer than painting.  Josh's main goal is to get out of the house as much as possible.

The first time Josh entered someone's house uninvited it was an accident, but the attraction of surreptitiously watching a "regular" family drew Josh like a magnet.  There was something calming yet exhilarating that had Josh repeating the act of trespassing on several more occasions.  Then Josh witnesses a real home invasion, and he realizes that what he thought of as a harmless activity is a truly threatening crime.

HOME INVASION by Monique Polak is quick read perfect for the reluctant reader.  Polak draws in readers quickly and keeps the action coming.  The suspense of the break-ins combined with Josh's emotional struggle with his step-father will appeal to a variety of readers.

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