Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BUMPED by Megan McCafferty

It's 2036 and "teenage girls are the most important people on the planet."  A mysterious virus has caused sterility in everyone over the age of eighteen.  The only hope to continue the human race is to impregnate girls between the ages of thirteen and eighteen.

Melody and Harmony are sixteen year old twins.  They were born to a drug-addicted woman who abandoned them immediately after their premature birth.  Because Harmony's survival was in question, the twins were separated and adopted by different parents.

Melody was raised by indulgent parents all the while knowing that when she reached the minimum age for conception, she would be marketed to the highest bidder.  So far the perfect match hasn't been found, and now Melody is nervous about being a virgin and on the verge of losing her ability to become pregnant.

Harmony did survive and was adopted by a family on the Goodside.  She was raised to dedicate her life to God.  When she discovers that she has a twin living on the Otherside, she is determined to find her and convince her to join God as well.

BUMPED by Megan McCafferty is a fascinating and at times creepy view into the future.  I understand the idea that we humans would want to insure our place on the planet, but to exploit teens to do so seems incomprehensible.  McCafferty presents a unique look into the future.  She develops characters who come to understand what is happening in their world and who make decisions about what parts they want to play in the future.

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