Friday, July 13, 2012

BUTTER by Erin Jade Lange

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Release date: 9-18-12

Weighing in at over 400 lbs. Butter has a weight problem, and he knows it.  His mother is concerned but continues to cook his favorites and slip little goodies into his lunch sack.  His father doesn't really say much unless the absence of comment is his attempt at making a statement.

School is filled with verbal attacks or pointed isolation.  Butter knows the over sized desk in each room is there for him and him alone.  He is also grateful for the bench-style seating available at a few tables in the cafeteria.  Using one of the flimsy plastic chairs would be a sure way to gain unwanted attention.

Friends?  There is Tucker who Butter meets every summer at fat camp, but the last time he saw Tucker, the dude had dropped at least 50 pounds.  The only other relationship Butter has is his online connection to a girl named Anna.  The catch is Anna actually goes to school with Butter but doesn't know her online "boyfriend" is the 400 pound kid she sees every day.

All the negatives are piling up for Butter.  After a particularly humiliating incident in a fast food parking lot, Butter starts his own webpage.  He announces to his online audience that on New Year's Eve he plans to eat himself to death.  He is amazed at the number of followers this generates, and suddenly he begins to gain an odd popularity at school.  Now the question is will he really do it or not?

BUTTER is Erin Jade Lange's first YA novel.  I can't wait to read her next.  Butter is an incredibly likable character facing a problem many teens can easily relate to on a personal level.  Butter's reality fits right into current hot topics like bullying and obesity so it strikes just the right cord to attract teen interest.

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