Monday, July 2, 2012

BURN by Heath Gibson

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Release date: 8-8-12

William "Wee Wee" Tucker is a model teen.  He has a part-time job at the local grocery store, he does fine in school, and he is a volunteer firefighter, however there are a few things he would change about his life. 

Wee Wee is short, and it doesn't look like any kind of growth spurt is in his future.  He is the exact opposite of Steven, his tall, good-looking brother.  His father is the pastor of the local church, and his dedication to his congregation limits the amount of attention he gives his sons and his alcoholic wife. 

Things do change a bit for Wee Wee with the appearance of a new girl named Samantha.  She is tall, pretty, and sassy.  When she shows interest in Wee Wee, he begins to dream of the possibility of having his first ever girlfriend.  He enjoys Samantha's casual approach to life and appreciates her efforts to build his sometimes sagging confidence.  She is also supportive when his brother Steven makes the decision to "come out" at the school dance and also to their unsuspecting parents.

The only time Wee Wee feels in complete control is when he is fighting fires.  The adrenaline rush is intoxicating.  The Chief warns Wee Wee that some firefighters let that feeling take control and drive them to make dangerous choices.  Wee Wee is sure that, if channeled properly, the power of fire can help him change the direction of his life and others.

BURN by Heath Gibson takes readers into the mind of a young man desperate for praise and recognition.  His twisted idea of how to earn honor and respect could prove deadly.

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