Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MIDDLE SCHOOL: GET ME OUT OF HERE by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts


Rafe learned a few things the hard way when he set out to break the rules in book #1, and now he has a new plan.  After a freak fire destroys the diner where his mother works, they move from their small town to the big city so his mom can hopefully find a job.

All this means Rafe, his little sister, and his mom will be living in cramped quarters in his grandmother's over-stuffed house.  Rafe is also going to a new school.  He'll be able to exercise his artistic talents because it is an art school, but things are not exactly what he expected.  There are all sorts of requirements along with the art classes, and he faces something known as a "crit" in which his artwork is criticized by his new classmates and teachers.  The pressure is really on.

Rafe thinks he has found a new friend, Matty the Freak.  At first he seems crazy and fun, but Rafe soon begins to wonder just what kind of friend this new character truly is. 

Living in the city offers Rafe another unique opportunity.  It may be possible to discover information about his long absent father.  If he can make the right contacts and ask the right questions, he may be able to learn what his mother has never been willing to share.

Complete with great cartoon illustrations, Rafe's new adventure should be a hit with fans of his first adventure and earn him some new ones.  This is a winner for any middle grade collection.

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