Sunday, July 15, 2012


If you are looking for a great new sci-fi adventure, then check out THE OBSIDIAN BLADE by Pete Hautman.  It is Book #1 of what I'm going to guess will be a trilogy.

Tucker is living a fairly uneventful life in Hopewell.  His father is the pastor of a local church and his mother is...well a bit different, but he loves her anyway.

Then Tucker sees the disk.  It appears to be hovering above the roof as his father ascends a ladder to investigate some damaged shingles.  Suddenly, Tucker's father disappears!

A thorough search of the property and the town leave Tucker at a loss until the day his father mysteriously appears walking down the road beside a strange young girl.  Life isn't so uneventful anymore.

The girl is adopted by a neighboring family, and Tucker watches as his mother becomes more bizarre.  His father keeps preaching sermons every Sunday, but admits to his own family that he no longer believes. 

Then the day arrives when both of Tucker's parents vanish, leaving him behind.  He finds a note left on his pillow explaining that his Uncle Curtis will be coming soon to take him away.  When his Harley-riding uncle arrives, Tucker doesn't have much choice but to join him.

THE OBSIDIAN BLADE is filled with floating, shimmering disks that suck in unsuspecting folk and deposit them in another time and place.  Tucker is sure his parents are in one of these places, but he must learn more about this time-travel business before he can make his way to them, if he ever can.  Author Pete Hautman blends reality and fantasy into a masterful story with incredible twists and turns that will take readers back into great moments in history, but it's history with a frightening twist.

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