Thursday, June 28, 2012

MONUMENT 14 by Emmy Laybourne

If you haven't read MONUMENT 14, rush to your library or find a bookstore now!  If this one is hovering somewhere in your TBR pile, move it to the top today!!

One morning in the not too distant future a group of students innocently board their school buses thinking it will be a day no different than any other, but their lives are about to change.  First there is a terrifying hailstorm.  The incredibly huge hailstones shatter bus windows and punch holes in otherwise protective metal.  The two buses skid out of control.  One flips over onto its side while the driver of the other crashes her vehicle through the doors of a superstore.

Survivors scatter to safety within the store as the hailstorm continues and one bus explodes into a flaming inferno.  There are 14 kids ranging in age from kindergarten to high school.  The surviving bus driver secures the students safely inside the store and heads off to find help.

The older kids take charge.  The Greenway superstore has everything they need.  Injuries are tended to, dry clothes are located and put on, and supplies found in the pizza shack are used as comfort food while they wait for rescue.  It's just a matter of time until the bus driver returns with help.

Instead of help, the students are faced with violent earthquake shocks, news of a devastating tsunami, and a dangerous chemical spill that produces fightening results.  The terrified group elects a leader and together they begin to make the best of their situation. 

MONUMENT 14 is the debut novel of author Emmy Laybourne.  This story will grab readers in the first chapter and pull them from one breath-taking event to the next.  It is definitely a story I was unable to put down.

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grace crawford said...

Amazing. I cried at the end. I got so infused with all of them i felt like i knew them personally. I think it got to me most because i am a younger girl and i have 3 amazing little brothers who would fit many of the characters. I9 hope the story continues.

grace (Alaska Hunts)