Thursday, June 21, 2012

A WORLD AWAY by Nancy Grossman

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Release date: 7-17-12

Eliza is sixteen, but she has never seen a movie, used a telephone, or worn a pair of jeans.  Eliza is Amish.  Living with her family in an Amish community in Iowa, she is about to embark on her rumspringa.  It will be her chance to live in the world of the English and experience all their modern conveniences and live the life of a teen without all the strict rules of the Amish.

All Eliza's friends will be partying, listening to music, wearing a whole new wardrobe, and maybe even experiencing alcohol and tobacco all to allow them to later appreciate the simple, plain life in which they were raised.  Most of the young people will attended organized activities and local events during this time, but Eliza is invited to experience rumspringa away from home.

While working at her job in a local hotel restaurant, Eliza meets a woman from the Chicago area in search of a nanny for the summer.  After some convincing, Eliza's parents allow her to take the job.  She will spend the summer caring for the woman's two children and cooking for the family while she lives with them.  Eliza's dream of spending time in the world of the Englishers is coming true.

What follows is an amazing adventure.  Eliza learns the ways of the modern world including MP3 players, movie theaters, TV, video games, washing machines, and dishwashers, cell phones, and more.  The most amazing experience may be meeting Josh who shows her what it means to date, attend a homecoming dance, and make out.  She finds herself falling for him and wondering what it would be like to stay in this new world forever.

Author Nancy Grossman takes readers into the world of the Amish, especially the world of the Amish teenager.  Faced with making a huge life decision, Eliza learns about the world beyond her small, tight-knit community, about family secrets, and about her own goals for the future.  The Amish lifestyle is fascinating and somewhat mysterious, and A WORLD AWAY is just the story for anyone interested in learning more and being entertained in the process.

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