Sunday, June 24, 2012


Thanks to a generous friend and his desire to clean off his bookshelves before he moves, I have some great books for giveaway.  Here's the first of many!

ATTACK OF THE SOUL-SUCKING BRAIN ZOMBIES and then just flip the book over and read BRIDE OF THE SOUL-SUCKING BRAIN ZOMBIES by Brent Hartinger.

This is an ARC, and it can be yours if you simply fill out the entry form below.

Winner will be selected randomly on July 10.

*Contest limited to US readers only.

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John Michael Cummings said...

Dear Readingjunky:

I'm an author with a new collection of YA short stories, Ugly To Start With (West Virginia University Press).

Will you please consider reviewing it?

I've been writing and publishing for twenty years--more than one hundred stories and two novels--and Ugly To Start With is my best work.

My first novel, The Night I Freed John Brown (Penguin), won The Paterson Prize for Fiction and was recommended by USA Today.

My short stories have appeared in more than seventy-five literary journals, including North American Review, The Kenyon Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, and The Chattahoochee Review. Twice I have been nominated for The Pushcart Prize. "The Scratchboard Project" received an honorable mention in The Best American Short Stories 2007.

If you write me back at, I’ll send you a PDF of my collection for your consideration.

At this point, my small publisher is out of available review copies, so I hope and politely ask that you consider the PDF.

I would be very grateful.

Thank you so much.

John Michael Cummings