Tuesday, June 26, 2012

GAME CHANGERS by Mike Lupica

He may only be eleven years old, playing in a Pop Warner league, but Ben knows exactly what he wants.  He knows he was born to be a quarterback.  Encouraged by his parents and inspired by old Doug Flutie films, Ben realizes he may be one of the smallest on his team, but with hard work and determination he aims to be the leader.

Ben gives his all during tryouts and makes an incredible pass he is sure will earn him the position of his dreams.  Unfortunately, the coach's eyes are elsewhere so he doesn't see the pass.  Another disadvantage for Ben is the fact that the coach's son is gunning for the quarterback position as well.  Bigger than Ben and fairly talented himself, Shawn ends up playing in the coveted spot.

It doesn't take long for Ben to learn that even though Coach O'Brien has great plans for his son as quarterback, Shawn's heart really isn't in it.  When the team's performance begins to suffer, Ben offers to help Shawn.  It's not easy to keep up his team spirit while he watches Shawn's negative attitude impact their chances of getting to the playoffs, but his love of the game and his determination have Ben doing what he believes is best for the team.

Author Mike Lupica is known for his great sports writing for middle grade readers.  GAME CHANGERS is book #1 in his new series.  Ben and his friends will soon return in a basketball story where they will face new challenges in the name of sports.

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