Monday, June 18, 2012

TRUE...(SORT OF) by Katherine Hannigan

Everyone is frustrated with Delly Pattison - her parents, her teachers and principal, and even the local police.  Delly is constantly in trouble.  She gets in fights, skips school, and sneaks out at night.  According to everyone, she is out of control.

Delly's parents are at their wits' end.  At school Delly is always in timeout at recess, and she has served countless after school detentions.  In a meeting with Delly's concerned parents, the principal threatens that the next time Delly misbehaves she will have to go to another school.  There are also problems with Delly at home.  Delly doesn't mean to make trouble.  Her anger issues are just beyond her control.

When Ferris Boyd comes to town, Delly's world changes.  Ferris Boyd doesn't talk and everyone is warned not to touch her because it makes her freak out.  For some reason Delly and Ferris Boyd click.  Delly is able to communicate with the strange, new girl, and together with her little brother RB, Delly draws Ferris Boyd out of her shell.  The relationship also helps Delly.  Her problems with anger fade away, and she surprises everyone with her excellent behavior.

It is not all smooth sailing for Delly.  Her new friendship involves secrets that complicate matters and add many interesting twists and turns.  Author Katherine Hannigan uses a combination of quirky characters, mischief, and misguided good intentions to make TRUE...(SORT OF) a fast-paced, inspiring read.

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