Sunday, June 10, 2012

UNDER THE BRIDGE by Michael Harmon

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Release date: 11-13-12

Tate and Indy are brothers.  Both are well-known as local skateboard experts, and both agree that their father's expectations are set way too high.

Tate struggles in school, but manages to pull out passing grades.  He dreads report card time not because of his own grades, but because he knows there will be a major fight at home when Indy shows up without his grades.  Indy, perfectly capable of straight A's, hates school and skips class to get high instead.  Tate knows his father will drink a few extra beers and wait angrily until Indy makes an appearance. 

This time the fight takes an unpredictable turn when their father kicks Indy out.  Although Tate may not always agree with his brother's choices, he can't believe he has been told to leave.  Ever the protector, Tate makes it his mission to find out where Indy goes and attempts to bring him home.  Unfortunately, Indy heads straight to his suppler and ends up dealing drugs and getting involved in murder. 

Tate would like nothing better than to enter an approaching skateboard competition, but instead finds himself in his own challenging situations as he tries to defend his brother and convince his parents and the school that Indy is a kid worth fighting for.  Tate begins to make his own questionable choices as he heads to the rougher side of town looking for his brother.  He never realized he was capable of violence, and surprises himself when he strikes out in defense of Indy and others he feels are wrongly treated.  Tate learns following the rules may mean different things to different people.

Author Michael Harmon has created yet another hit.  Full of family drama combined with intense skateboard action, UNDER THE BRIDGE is sure to captivate teen readers.  Harmon has a way of drawing readers into the lives of his characters and making them feel a part of the action.  His fans will no doubt be eagerly awaiting this November release.

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