Monday, June 4, 2012


Maria was born in New York City but moved to South Carolina when she was two.  Her artist mother headed back to NYC when Maria was four.  Since then Maria has been surrounded by her father and her grandmother and their views of how awful her mother was.

After a rough breakup with Brian, Maria convinces her father she should move to NYC and get to know her mother.  Her grandmother pulls some strings and invests considerable money to get Maria enrolled in a fancy private school, and Maria is on her way.

Maria's first clue about her mother's stability should have come from the fact that the woman mixed up the arrival time of Maria's train.  She didn't seem to be at all concerned that she left Maria sitting in the train station for twelve hours, but instead, she just hustled Maria to her tiny apartment.  After that Maria begins to try to settle in only to discover she hates the private school and finds herself spending more time with her mother's very young boyfriend than getting to know the woman who has been absent from her life.

Music is the only steady force in Maria's life.  She finds relief listening to mixtapes created by a best friend from back home.  She also finds music helps her form helpful connections with her mother's boyfriend and another young man she meets at a local record store.  An older woman named Nina also steps up to help Maria understand some of the secrets her mother has been hiding.

SUPERGIRL MIXTAPES is the story of a teen trying to understand the odd family relationships that make up her life.  Not willing to accept her father's side of the story, she insists on making her own judgements about her mother's choice to abandon her family.  What she discovers isn't exactly the happy ending she had hoped for, but knowing the truth could make her stronger and more appreciative of those who continue to stand behind her.

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