Saturday, December 29, 2012

CHASING THE SKIP by Janci Patterson

Ricki is used to her mother taking off.  Usually it's after she meets a new boyfriend, and she's back before long.  This time it has been weeks since Ricki has seen her mom.  Staying with her grandmother isn't too bad, but this time her grandmother calls for reinforcements.  Ricki's dad shows up to pick her up.

The story Ricki's been told is that her dad left before Ricki's mom even knew she was pregnant.  Since then he has sent regular child support payments and stopped by a few times, but he certainly hasn't made an effort to develop a relationship with his only daughter.  Now he's taking Ricki to live with him wherever that is.

Ricki soon discovers that life with her father might provide some excitement.  He is a bounty hunter, and she's about to ride along as he chases another skip.  It might not be so bad hanging out with him while she waits for her mother to return.  With his attention focused on finding the bail skipper, Ricki plans to practice her journalism skills writing entries on her blog describing every minute of the adventure.

Debut author Janci Patterson has created a fast-paced, wild ride through Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and Wyoming.  Ricki and her father get to know one another as they track down criminals who haven't made their court appearances.  Ricki's often impetuous, immature behavior complicates the chase and even puts her life in danger.  The turn of each page promises some new twist or turn.  I can't wait to see what Patterson writes next.

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