Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SEND ME A SIGN by Tiffany Schmidt

With a great summer ahead of her and hopes for a fantastic senior year, Mia is hit by tragedy.  A nagging fever and constant bruising have Mia seeing the doctor and being scheduled for a bunch of tests.  The tests reveal Mia has leukemia, and she suddenly finds herself in the hospital fighting for her life.

Mia's parents attack the situation from different directions.  Her dad immediately begins researching the disease looking for the latest successful treatment options.  Her mother insists on keeping up appearances as she scours the Internet for organic foods, beauty products, and clothing.  Mia's main source of comfort is her childhood friend and neighbor, Gyver.  He drops everything to stay by her side.

When Mia chooses to keep her illness a secret from the rest of her friends, she finds herself deep in a string of lies, but she just isn't sure how each of her friends will react.  Although keeping everything a secret seemed like a good idea at first, after a month in the hospital Mia finds it challenging to keep up with her lies as she returns to the last days of summer and the start of the school year.

As much as Mia wants to handle her illness quietly, her new boyfriend and her other close friends are sure something is up and pressure her to tell them what is going on.  Her mother's continued worry about the superficial details forces Mia to bury her pain and hide important symptoms.  All the secrecy begins to take it's toll leaving Mia exhausted and confused.

SEND ME A SIGN by Tiffany Schmidt deals with the difficulties of a cancer diagnosis and the painful, debilitating treatment that follows as well as the stress it creates in relationships between family and friends.  Not only is Mia dealing with her illness but also with the stress and pressure of being a teen.  This debut author is one to watch. 

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