Saturday, December 1, 2012


Carson's dream is to attend Northwestern University, major in journalism, and then get a job working for the New Yorker.  He is fairly certain he has an early acceptance all buttoned up.  His application should wow the admissions board since he single-handedly edits the Clover High Chronicle, and he is the creator of the Clover High School Writers' Club.

Imagine Carson's surprise when the counselor informs him being editor of the school newspaper and a member of the writers' club is not going to be enough to impress Northwestern.  She suggests maybe publication in a literary magazine would do the trick so Carson embarks on a new project.

With only a month to submit this new material and earn a coveted early acceptance, the pressure is on.  A chance visit to the school restroom gives Carson an idea.  He stumbles across two guys from the popular crowd getting it on in one of the stalls.  After his initial shock, he realizes that blackmail might be the solution to his problem.  Threatening his fellow classmates might generate the writing submissions he needs to create the literary magazine that will be the envy of Northwestern University.

Author Chris Colfer makes his YA debut with STRUCK BY LIGHTNING.  Many teen readers will recognize him as the Kurt Hummel character on Glee.  Colfer's stereotypical high school characters, off-color humor, and high stakes pressure to earn college acceptance will also connect with teen readers experiencing these things in their own lives.  The book is based on Colfer's original screenplay by the same name.

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