Sunday, December 9, 2012

I SWEAR by Lane Davis

Leslie has been dealing with vicious text messages, emails, and direct taunts and threats for longer than anyone really knows.  Her former best friend Jillian has even joined Macie, Katherine, and Beth in making her life miserable.

At first Leslie thought Jillian's twin brother Jake might be her savior, but he is often more concerned about appearances than standing by his childhood friend, and going to her parents for help is completely out of the question.  Her mother is more interested in what she's pouring in her wine glass, and her dad is too busy flipping every house Leslie has ever tried to call home.  Leslie finally makes the decision to leave, but once she is in the garage and in the car, she decides to take a different path.  She starts the car in the closed garage and never leaves.

Leslie's death sparks an investigation that has all her former tormentors scrambling to cover their tracks.  Leader of the gang, Macie, struggles to keep control and come out smelling like a rose as she offers up her fellow conspirators as bait.  Guilty feelings may prompt Jake and Jillian to come clean, but it's too late for Leslie and they know it.

I SWEAR by debut author Lane Davis is a strong commentary on high school bullying.  Much like THIRTEEN REASONS WHY by Jay Asher, I SWEAR will hit home to many teens whether they are being bullied or doing the bullying themselves.

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