Sunday, July 28, 2013

EVIL BEHIND THAT DOOR by Barbara Fradkin

This is the other complimentary copy I received from the Rapid Reads collection at Orca Book Publishers.  Once again it offers a high interest/low level solution for older YA readers.

Cedric "Rick" O'Toole makes ends meet by working as a handyman.  When he is asked to help clean up an old farmhouse for a high school classmate recently released from prison, he has concerns about what he might be getting himself into.  Rick and Barry weren't exactly the best of friends, but Rick knows Barry is dealing with some heavy stuff at the moment so he agrees to do the work.

Several issues add to the mystery of EVIL BEHIND THAT DOOR.  First, Barry's parents have both mysteriously disappeared.  Searches have turned up nothing so Barry has inherited the family property and wants to sell it as soon as possible.  Another issue arises when Barry sees Rick trying to enter a locked room in the basement.  Barry immediately stops Rick telling him that there is evil behind that door and he should never open it.

As one would expect, Rick does open the door, and what he finds is indeed evil.  Readers will anxiously turn the pages to get the answers to what Rick finds and the mystery of Barry's missing parents. 

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