Tuesday, July 16, 2013

PROXY by Alex London

PROXY is perfect for fans of the I AM NUMBER FOUR series and authors like Anthony Horowitz and Alexander Gordon Smith.  It is filled with non-stop action and an all too real depiction of the future.

Knox and Syd have never met, but they have been connected since both teens were young boys.  Syd is known as a proxy for Knox who is called his patron.  Whenever Knox has misbehaved, Syd has taken his punishment.  Each punishment translates into credits that Syd can use to purchase food, clothes, medical treatment, or anything else his meager existence in a ghetto called the Valve can't provide. 

Syd, an orphan, lives in the back of a shop and considers the shopkeeper the closest thing to a father he has ever had.  While Syd barely scraps by with what he can earn fixing tech devices for other unfortunates who live in the ghetto, Knox lives a life of luxury.  His mother died leaving him to live with a father who cares more about his business than his son.  Despite his mostly absent father, Knox has the best of everything and, like most teens in the City, he doesn't appreciate it.

One night Knox takes his father's car for a joyride and crashes after losing control.  He wakes up in the hospital to discover his injuries, though serious, are not life-threatening thanks to the high tech medical procedures his father is able to afford.  Unfortunately, his female passenger didn't fare as well.  She's dead.  This latest "mistake" of Knox's results in a drastic and potentially deadly punishment for Syd.

An important rule regarding a patron and proxy is that the two never meet, however, circumstances arise that place both Knox and Syd at the same wild party.  The two find themselves face to face and the adventure that follows could change life for everyone.

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