Thursday, July 4, 2013

THE CHAMBER OF FIVE by Michael Harmon

Jason Weatherby goes to Lambert School for the Gifted.  His father is a U.S. Congressman and expects his son to follow him in some sort of political career and going to the elite school is part of that plan.

Lambert is controlled by a group known as the Chamber of Five.  Jason has just become part of the group, but now that he is one of the insiders, he is learning about the corrupt dealings of this secret group.  The leader of the Chamber assigns Jason the task of having a certain freshman removed from the school. 

The more Jason learns, the more he realizes that something must be done to shut down the Chamber and return to control of the school to the truly gifted students instead of the power-hungry bullies.  When his father gets wind of Jason's plan, his temper flairs.  Fed up with his father's abusive behavior, Jason continues on with his plan because he knows it is the right thing to do.

Author Michael Harmon takes readers into the inner workings of the secret society within a private school.  Jason proves that it is possible to stand up to corrupt forces to change things for his fellow classmates.

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