Wednesday, July 10, 2013


According to author Jo Knowles, fans of her book JUMPING OFF SWINGS wanted to know what happened to Josh.  LIVING WITH JACKIE CHAN provides the answer.

Josh needs to get away so he moves in with his uncle.  Larry teaches karate at the YMCA and offers to have Josh live with him and complete his senior year at the local high school.  Josh just wants to go to school and work hard to raise his grades so he can get into college and get started on his future.

Helping Larry with the karate classes, Josh meets Stella.  A friendship forms that has Josh hoping he can put his past aside and have a decent senior year.  However, when school starts, he quickly realizes Stella's friendship doesn't include hanging out at school.  A jealous boyfriend holds Stella's attention leaving Josh doubting the sincerity of her friendship.

Even though Josh truly appreciates Larry's kindness and attention, he is constantly reminded of the past when the baby in the upstairs apartment cries.  The late night cries have Josh dreaming of Ellie and the baby he saw for only moments before she gave it away.  Deep inside he knows it was the right thing to do, but the guilt he feels about the one night he spent with Ellie is eating him alive.

Fans of JUMPING OFF SWINGS should be satisfied with this continuing story.  It clears illustrates the aftermath of a life-changing mistake.  Josh learns that he may never forget the painful past, but he may be able to grow from the experience.

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