Monday, July 22, 2013


Imagine waking up on the floor of a cabin, tasting blood, realizing someone has pulled off several of your fingernails, and now they are talking about killing you.  If that isn't scary enough, add in the fact that you don't have a clue about where you are or even who you are.

Author April Henry's new thriller THE GIRL WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO DIE takes readers on a frightening adventure as a teen tries to piece together events leading her to a backwoods cabin and two men who want her dead.  When she is able to escape, she takes off in an SUV belonging to one of the men in hopes of finding some answers. 

She winds up seeking help from a security guard at a nearby resort only to find out he plans to hold her prisoner in the back of his security vehicle until someone from a mental facility comes to pick her up.  She might not know much, but she does know she isn't this Katie person they claim committed assault and escaped from a loony bin.  Once again she takes off and looks for a place to hide until she can decide what to do next.

A mall parking lot looks like it might provide some protection, and a McDonald's restaurant will give her a place to clean up and get something to eat.  Exhausted, she dozes off and is awaken by the cute guy who waited on her.  When the two men show up looking for her, he offers to help.  Can he help her figure out who she is and keep her safe from the men who want her dead?

THE GIRL WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO DIE is due out in August and promises to be a great end of summer read.  Keep an eye out for this one at your local library or bookstore!

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Charlotte said...

Oh gosh, that sounds intense! The fingernails bit makes me especially squirmish....