Thursday, July 25, 2013

FREAKBOY by Kristin Elizabeth Clark

FREAKBOY by Kristin Elizabeth Clark follows three characters struggling with transgender issues.  Written in verse, it is a fast read that will speak to teens questioning their sexuality.  With a release date of 10/13, FREAKBOY handles a sensitive subject with care and compassion.

Brendan studies hard and has been a dedicated member of the wrestling team.  He thinks it is pretty cool that his girl friend is also a member of the team.  It gives them plenty of time together, but lately, Brendan has been struggling with something he can't share with her.  He loves Vanessa, but he sometimes finds himself being jealous of the fact that she is a girl.  Brendan sometimes pictures himself as a girl.  He even goes so far as to purchase a green, satin bra.  When he tries it on in the privacy of his room, he loves the curves it creates.  But Brendan is extremely frightened by the term transgender and isn't sure how to deal with his feelings.

Vanessa loves Brendan, but she is losing patience with his shifting moods.  One day he is the tough wrestler and doting boy friend, and the next day he claims he needs space and time alone.  She knows he has battled depression since his parents' divorce and his mother's remarriage to a jerk he doesn't like, but there is something else bugging him that he isn't willing to share. 

Angel meets Brendan when he shows up at the teen center one afternoon.  Despite a challenging childhood, Angel has come to terms with being transgender and works to help other struggling teens.  Not sure of what Brendan's problem involves, Angel gives him a phone number and offers to help any time.  Will he take advantage of the offer or can't he face his fears?

The three personalities intertwine to weave an inspirational story of facing fears and coming to terms with what makes each of us unique.

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