Sunday, February 9, 2014

So sad...

No PlaceI was soooo excited when I found out Todd Strasser had a new book coming out.  I pre-ordered NO PLACE and announced to my students who are huge Strasser fans that I would read it to them as soon as it arrived.

Since I got the book on a snow day, I started reading it so I would have a heads up before sharing it with my students.  I arrived at page 120 and discovered my copy skipped the next 33 pages.  Grrrr.....I was really hooked by the story at that point.

I called Barnes & Noble and they kindly told them they would send a replacement immediately.  I got my hands on that copy today and quickly flipped to page 120.  DAMN!  It has the same missing 33 pages!!!!  It must be a publishing error.

BEWARE if you have purchased a copy or if you have checked it out from a library, alert your librarian.  Barnes & Noble was again very kind and is issuing me a refund, but now I will have to wait and somehow figure out when and if the problem is corrected by the publisher. 

I also feel terrible for Todd Strasser.  The excitement of having published another great book may be spoiled because of a careless error. 

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Ms. Yingling said...

Huh. My public library copy was okay! This was a particularly good effort from this author. I hope you head over to Deb Marshall's Middle Grade March celebration! We are expecting winter storms, so I'm glad she's starting off with a read-a-thon!