Saturday, February 15, 2014

STAR IN THE MIDDLE by Carol Larese Millward

Star in the MiddleStar is a teen mom.  Her baby is several months old, and they live with her grandmother.  Wilson is the baby's father, but he hasn't officially acknowledged it as a fact. 

Star receives some support as she deals with raising her son alone.  She hasn't gone back to school since his pre-mature birth, but she goes to a parenting class every day where they offer counseling, daycare, and instruction on taking care of her baby.  She knows she is not alone in her plight, but the stress is taking its toll.

Wilson is just plain confused.  According to his calculations, little Wil can't possibly be his kid.  What he doesn't know is that Wil was pre-mature and Star hasn't been with anyone but him.  Wilson is also troubled by the fact that he knows he is in love with Star.  He thinks about her constantly, but the responsibility of having a child is something he just isn't ready for. 

Complicating matters is the secret that haunts Star's every waking moment.  A trusted friend of her grandmother's sexually abused Star when she was eleven.  He threatened her life and that of her grandmother if she revealed the truth.  Now it's possible that he is watching her and his threats may become a reality.

Author Carol Larese Millward captures the difficulties of teen parenthood, and at the same time she incorporates a mystery into the storyline.  Although Millward's story includes some bright spots and hope for Star's future, she doesn't glamorize teen pregnancy.

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