Sunday, February 1, 2015


Breaking Stalin's NoseSasha is about to become one of the Young Pioneers.  He has waited for the day he could become a dedicated member of the group and officially serve his beloved leader, Comrade Stalin.  His father is a loyal soldier of Stalin, and Sasha wants to follow in his footsteps.

The night before Sasha is to join the Pioneers, soldiers arrive at his crowded apartment and arrest his father.  Horrified at the sight of his dear father being hauled away, Sasha vows to find Stalin and alert him to the horrendous mistake that has been made.

Unable to find the great leader, Sasha goes to school the next day, hoping to see his father at the ceremony.  Surely someone has heard of the arrest and demanded that Sasha's father be set free so he can attend the Young Pioneers induction ceremony.  When Sasha is given the task of carrying the Pioneer flag, he is certain all will be well.  Unfortunately, as soon as he retrieves the flag from the storage room, his hopes and dreams begin to crumble.

Author Eugene Yelchin takes readers back in history to the time in the Soviet Union when Stalin ruled with an iron fist.  Yelchin deftly describes the blind loyalty of Stalin's followers, the horrible living conditions, and the terrible life of the working class.  BREAKING STALIN'S NOSE is the perfect read aloud for classes studying this period in world history.

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