Saturday, February 21, 2015

BROKEN by CJ Lyons

BrokenScarlet doesn't have many memories that don't include hospitals, doctors, and being sick.  After countless medical tests and procedures, doctors diagnosed her with Long QT Syndrome.  The heart condition Scarlet refers to as a "broken" heart could end her life at any time.  The irregular heart beat it produces has prevented her from living the normal life of a teenager, but she has made a deal with her parents that if she follows all health instructions and promises to take every precaution, she can begin going to the local public high school.

It only takes a few hours for Scarlet to realize that high school is not exactly like what she has seen portrayed in movies and TV.  Her first moments involved curious stares and taunts from bullies.  Her presence has brought out the worst in some of the popular crowd, but with the help of a small peer support group, Scarlet makes a few friends.

Scarlet's mother is a constant source of support but also irritation for Scarlet.  Working as the school nurse, her mother is able to keep a close eye on Scarlet, but she isn't exactly convinced that her daughter's attempt to live as a typical teen is the wisest choice.  When Scarlet becomes involved in a science project with a fellow student, strange discoveries about her medical condition and her earlier life cause her to question her mother's motivations. 

Author CJ Lyons uses her medical knowledge and sense of drama to create an intense story that will capture the attention of the YA audience.  Having recently finished another one of her books, WATCHED, I am definitely a fan and can't wait to read her next book.

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