Sunday, October 4, 2009


Anke isn't sure why she feels so jealous of her brother and sister. She just knows that when it comes to her father's attention, she feels invisible. How can she be jealous of the attention her siblings receive when that attention is from their father's abusive hand?

There are some pleasant memories of her father. He used to sing to her and play with her, but more recently, he ignores her. Even though he quietly disapproves, Anke has joined the volleyball team. Her height and strength are proving to be great assets to her team. This new-found athletic success is giving Anke the strength and courage to assert herself in other areas. She has been able to summon the courage to speak to Kyler instead of just admiring him from afar. She is also questioning how her father's violent behavior at home can continue without being reported by her mother or brother or sister.

Compliments from her coach and teammates, along with increasingly improving grades don't even earn Anke praise from her father. He rules the family like a tyrant leaving bruises and emotional scars in his wake. When Anke's friend becomes a victim of his cruelty, she is no longer able to simply watch and witness. She uses her quiet voice to speak the truth and save her family.

Written in verse, BECAUSE I AM FURNITURE speaks of the horrors of abuse witnessed by one young girl trapped by the power and influence of a vicious father. Thalia Chaltas takes readers into the life of one family to illustrate an example of the abusive behavior that is unfortunately not limited to just a few. Her story is powerful and heart-breaking, but because of one girl's courage, also inspiring.

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