Monday, October 19, 2009

LITTLE PRINCE: The Story of a Shetland Pony by Annie Wedekind

Dauphin "Phin" lives a life of luxury. He lives in the Chadwick stables located right in the heart of the city. His stall is actually located in the penthouse.

Phin was rescued from the carnival circuit. Instead of carting around annoying carnival children in poor working conditions, Phin now trots through the city park carrying his young owner. Together they have won prizes for the prettiest pony and the best rider.

Things are about to change for little Phin. He may be the same spry little pony, but his young owner is growing and maturing and is no longer comfortable on a small horse. She is moving up to a larger horse which leaves Phin without a rider.

It doesn't quite sink in at first, but when he is packed up in a shabby trailer and transported out of the city, he begins to realize he may be headed for a different life.Phin arrives in the countryside at a place known as the Funny Farm. He is no longer a resident of a fancy penthouse, but rather one of a group of mangy looking misfits who share a small barn, coop, and meadow. Phin finds himself living with goats, rabbits, chickens, a camel, an emu, and a water buffalo just to name a few.

Can Phin find friends among this quirky group? Is it possible that this life can become just as rewarding as his city life?

LITTLE PRINCE is one of the books in the new Breyer Horse Collection series. Animal lovers will surely enjoy this fun tale about a little horse and his wacky new friends. Author Annie Wedekind gives voices to her interesting collection of animals that will give them great appeal to young readers. LITTLE PRINCE is excellent for independent readers and perfect as a read-aloud for any age.

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