Thursday, October 22, 2009

HANNAH'S TOUCH by Laura Langston

It's been a year since the death of her boyfriend Logan. Hannah is struggling to put her life back together. One thing that helps a little is her job at the local drugstore. She has gotten to know the regular customers; even grouchy old Maude O'Connell who insists Hannah call her M.C. The woman's strange little dog named Kitty just adds to her eccentricity.

One day while on her break, Hannah is stung by a bee. Imagine her surprise when she learns she is deathly allergic and ends up having a near-death experience that lands her in the hospital. In the middle of her emergency, she remembers M.C. and Kitty lending a hand to comfort her, and when the excitement settles down, they are crediting her with healing them. M.C. still needs her walker, but she is noticeably more spry than before, and the ancient Kitty is suddenly full of doggie energy.

Hannah tries to avoid the crazy idea that she had anything to do with their improved health, but when something similar happens again during her cooking class, she realizes there may be something to it. The more she focuses on each individual event, the more she remembers. There was a tingling feeling followed by a soft feeling and renewed energy. She also must admit that the voice of Logan spoke words of encouragement during each episode.

All this is difficult to talk about. Most people, except for M.C., don't take her seriously. Is what she's experiencing a miracle or some sort of strange curse?

Laura Langston's HANNAH'S TOUCH offers a quick glimpse into the world of miracles. It's an easy, fast read most teens will enjoy.

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