Monday, October 19, 2009

JACKED by Carrie Mac

JACKED is a fast-paced, easy read by Carrie Mac.

Zane is just starting another boring shift at the gas station. He figures he'll be selling cigarettes and snack items for the next few hours without much in the way of excitement. Then he gets the bright idea to lock up the store for just a few minutes so he can head over to a neighboring restaurant for a quick burrito.

As Zane hops into his car already thinking about the burrito and the cute waitress about to serve him, he is shocked when a masked man slides into the passenger seat beside him. Before he knows it, he has a gun pressed to his temple and he's being told to drive.

He heads out onto the street and is soon instructed to pull onto an on-ramp and then the freeway. Thoughts whirl through his mind as the gunman gives directions. Should he try to speed and get stopped by the cops? Should he make a grab for the gun?

Zane tries to get the guy talking. Although he doesn't reveal much, Zane is beginning to think maybe he knows this guy. He is definitely nervous and maybe high on something, but he takes Zane by surprise when he demands they head off the freeway to a hospital.

JACKED will have instant appeal for reluctant readers. It gets right into the action and keeps things pumped up right to the end. Written in a high interest/low level style makes it a great motivator for further reading.

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