Saturday, October 10, 2009


What do you get if you take two kids, a kidnapped grandmother, a pearl necklace, and Men in Dark Suits? You get action and adventure! BLAME IT ON BARBARA has a little something for everyone.

Barbara is used to being the one blamed for everything. As one of five children in a busy family, she usually feels invisible, but when something goes wrong, she always seems to be the one who gets the blame.

When Barbara hears that the grandmother who shares her name is coming to visit, she thinks it might bring a welcome change for the family. She doesn't really understand the negative attitude other family members have about this particular grandmother. How could any grandmother be a problem?

Not long after her grandmother arrives, strange things begin to happen. Barbara, not usually one to make friends easily, finds herself being approached at school by a boy named Jesse. He considers himself a bit of a juvenile delinquent. His wealthy parents have sent him to live with his grandmother in hopes that he will straighten up. He may be living with a hard-of-hearing elderly old woman, but his parents has made sure he's not wanting for anything. Barbara cautiously begins a friendship with Jesse.

Then Barbara's grandmother goes missing. It's unclear whether she's been kidnapped or just run off, but which ever the case, Barbara seeks out Jesse's help to get to the bottom of it. As they begin to investigate, they run into the Men in Dark Suits, the Man with the Glass Eye, and a pearl necklace imprinted with top-secret information. Barbara can't believe it when they discover her grandmother is a CIA agent.

BLAME IT ON BARBARA is filled with fast-paced adventure, spies, dark warehouses, and gunfire. Barbara and Jesse are living every kid's dream of chasing after bad guys and saving the world.

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