Monday, June 7, 2010


The point season in racing is about to start for Team Blu and its star driver Trace Bonham.  It's been a wild ride so far.  Trace is still getting used to seeing his picture on billboards and being recognized by just about everyone he sees. 

He decides to take a quick break from the racing world and head home to go to his high school prom.  Even though he is currently taking his courses online, he figures he has a right to show up for the prom.  After an adventure trip back home, it turns out he's not as welcome as he would have liked, but he does get a chance to catch up with a few friends and check in with his folks along the way.  The whole experience lets him know he has probably made the right choice with his racing career, and he heads back to start the circuit.

The Team Blu stock car is running great.  In fact, Trace doesn't seem to be able to do anything wrong.   Even when the luck of the draw has him starting way back in the pack, he gets the needed bursts of speed to take him into first place at the checkered flag.  Although, he should be gaining confidence in his ability as a driver, his first place finishes are drawing criticism from the crowds.  The accusation of "cheater" is being repeated much too often for Trace's comfort.

In addition to racing, Trace is struggling with some personal issues.  His online class work has been slipping and Laura has sent Tasha to check up on him.  She gives him an assignment that involves research and a final report, and Trace is irritated when she requires his research include a trip to an actual library and finding information from an actual printed source, not just internet information.  But when she lets him choose a topic he thinks is fairly interesting, he finds out it's not that bad.

Mel is also on Trace's mind.  He has the chance to hook up with lots of girls, but Mel has a special place in his heart.  She seems ready to take the next step, but she has conditions that force him to wait.  She's Mel, though, and he's willing to do whatever it takes. 

Fans of Will Weaver's new series of Motor novels will be thrilled with this latest edition.  CHECKERED FLAG CHEATER takes Trace and the team to a new level.  The sponsoring company has high expectations and Trace's team seems willing to do whatever it takes.  Author Will Weaver presents his character with challenging decisions as he experiences the reality of the racing world.  Readers will observe Trace as he determines if the end will justify the means when it comes to his sport and his desire to advance.


dj said...

will there be another book folowing this i love the books pleace keep em coming

Readingjunky said...

I don't know if he has any other books planned, but I hope so. I also enjoy them.