Friday, June 18, 2010

HOTHOUSE by Chris Lynch

Two local firefighters are heroes.  They are dubbed Outrageous and Courageous.  Members of the fire station known as the Hothouse, they have rescued many in their careers.  Even in this last big fire, they managed to save an old woman, but unfortunately not her cat or themselves.

Russ and DJ are the sons of those two brave firefighters.  The boys are just beginning to adjust to the losses in their lives.  The funerals are over and the mourners have left.  Now the remaining family must learn to carry on. 

Over the years the two boys have grown apart.  Best of friends in the early years, they worshipped their fathers and dreamed of following in their footsteps.  After awhile they headed in separate directions, different schools and different interests, but now this tragedy has brought them back together.  Although each is mourning in his own way, they lean on one another for support.

After a huge neighborhood celebration honoring the two fallen men, life begins to calm down, and the boys get ready to return to school.  They step back into the reality of their old lives just when news reports are released indicating the possible involvement of drugs and alcohol in the deaths of their dads.  Russ's reaction is to fight back and prove the rumors untrue, and he is totally shocked that DJ doesn't share the same feelings about the situation.  How can people believe that these fine men were anything other than honorable and brave?

In HOTHOUSE Chris Lynch portrays two teens struck by tragedy struggling to make sense of the events and connect them to the memories they have of their lost loved ones.  Their story is proof that facts can dramatically change when someone scratches below the surface, and what is discovered in the process will often impact the lives of many.

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