Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Robin Benway's new novel could have been just another parents' divorce and siblings try to move on type story, but she takes it over the top into some brand new territory.

April, May, and June are stair-step sisters.  Life has thrown them a curveball.  Their parents are divorcing, their father is moving to Texas, and they are relocating to a new place and a new school.  That should be enough to test even the hardiest of souls.  But wait there's more...

The three sisters have suddenly discovered they have "super powers."  April can see into the future, May can become invisible, and June can read everyone's mind.  If you think you have annoying siblings, give this situation a try. 

April the oldest is falling for Julian.  Finding a way to connect with a cute boy in a new school is difficult enough, but imagine trying to figure things out when your youngest sister can read your thoughts and your other sister has trouble keeping it together enough to remain visible to the naked eye.

Middle sister May misses her father more than she cares to admit.  Plans to visit him in Texas are postponed causing her to wonder if he cares enough to make time for her.  Her frustration with her absent father and her increasingly aggravating sisters causes May's grades to drop, and now she finds herself stuck with a nerdy history tutor whose main goal in life is to attend Stanford University.

Little June the mind reader wants to be popular for the very first time in her life.  She will try just about anything to get in with the right crowd, and having the ability to read minds may definitely work to her advantage.

Filled with humor and genuine teen emotion, THE EXTRAORDINARY SECRETS OF APRIL, MAY & JUNE is just the thing for summertime beach reading.  There's lots of goofy adventure, plenty of witty dialogue, and exciting close calls.  Robin Benway truly hits the mark with this one.


Breanna said...

This sounds great! Excellent review. I have to check this one out.

Lauren said...

Great review! I read this one a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it.

Also, you recently left a comment on my School of Possibilities review, and I was going to reply to it but I can't find an e-mail address for you, so here's my response.

I think it would work perfectly as a read-aloud for seventh graders, since it really is an awesome middle-grade read that appeals to both boys and girls. Plus, there's no swearing or graphic scenes to be worried about.

Readingjunky said...

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.